Beers of the Month

Redd's Wicked Watermelon
Redd's Wicked Watermelon

At 8% ABV, Redd’s Wicked Watermelon turns up the dial, infusing watermelon with crisp apple for an intensity that starts strong and finishes smooth for the ultimate refreshment.

Sam Adams Sam 76
Sam Adams Sam 76

Sam ’76 is a revolutionary new beer that is an unmatched combination of refreshment, craft flavor, and aroma. By experimenting with both lager and ale yeast strains, our brewers developed a unique brewing
process that takes two active fermentations and blends them together to create a deliciously harmonious result. This process delivers a distinct flavor that showcases the slight fruitiness of an ale with the balanced drinkability and smoothness of a lager. So whether you’re tailgating, watching the game, or headed to a party with friends, Sam ’76 can be your go-to beer.

Bud Light Lime Pome-Granate-Rita

Pome-Granate-Rita is our new Fall Seasonal! This iconic fall flavor combines the tart taste of pomegranatae juice with the margarita taste you already love from a Lime-A-Rita! Grab our new flavor and pour it over ice to create the perfect fall day.

Blue Moon Mango Wheat
Blue Moon Mango Wheat

APPEARANCE: A cloudy, yellow-orange colored ale with a rich, white head.
AROMA: Ripe mango aroma, balanced with light biscuit matliness and wheat and hints of honey sweetness.
TASTE: Ripe mango flavor with a light amount of wheat and biscuity malt sweetness. Bitterness is low, and balanced with slight clover honey sweetness.
MOUTHFEEL: Light-medium body and mouthfeel
FINISH: Mango notes and malt with clover honey sweetness quickly cleans up from the palate.

Corona Familiar
Corona Familiar
  • Has all the qualities Corona Extra is known for, with a slightly fuller flavor and smoothness
    • Bright, crisp beer with a yellow-­gold tone
    • Subtle fruit aromas with cereal and yeasty notes
  • A touch stronger in bitterness, made smooth with the same slightly sweet taste
  • On average, contains 4.8% ABV

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